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War greymon by GrimlockGabe War greymon :icongrimlockgabe:GrimlockGabe 6 0 WideCrusher- aka BUFFY by GrimlockGabe WideCrusher- aka BUFFY :icongrimlockgabe:GrimlockGabe 0 0 EchoSalvation by GrimlockGabe EchoSalvation :icongrimlockgabe:GrimlockGabe 0 0 Luna, Agent Conerry, and Amelia by GrimlockGabe Luna, Agent Conerry, and Amelia :icongrimlockgabe:GrimlockGabe 0 0 End Days by GrimlockGabe End Days :icongrimlockgabe:GrimlockGabe 4 0
DDU chapter 3
Chapter 3
“Alright guys we have a set of Combat a set of uniforms ready for you three.” Steven instructed, “in the room to the right there will be a rack, with them so suit up.”
When we had our uniforms on, they felt like they were a few sizes too small and too baggy at the same time. They had a khaki jacket with color coordinated undershirts with hosters, complete with green survivalist pants and combat boots.
“Are you sure these are the right uniforms,” Connor asked, “they feel tight.”
“We’ll resize them later, but if you three don’t get out there now a lot of people will die…” Steven ordered. We looked at him for a minute, waiting on a location. “Down the street to your left.” He answered the silent question and we were off.
It wasn’t hard to miss the serpentine dragon, for he was about the size of a subway train.
“Well then, Uh guys, we probably should, keep him in a single area?
:icongrimlockgabe:GrimlockGabe 0 0
GrandiStingmon ~Titan-mode~ by GrimlockGabe GrandiStingmon ~Titan-mode~ :icongrimlockgabe:GrimlockGabe 2 0 GrandiStingmon-Mega level- (WIP) by GrimlockGabe GrandiStingmon-Mega level- (WIP) :icongrimlockgabe:GrimlockGabe 2 0 FIre by GrimlockGabe FIre :icongrimlockgabe:GrimlockGabe 1 0 The entire exaltdramon line by GrimlockGabe The entire exaltdramon line :icongrimlockgabe:GrimlockGabe 3 2 The entire Exaltdramon line (WIP) by GrimlockGabe The entire Exaltdramon line (WIP) :icongrimlockgabe:GrimlockGabe 2 0
DDU Chapter 2
Chapter 2
The next Day after school, I decided to head to Chambers and More. Which as I entered, I saw that Connor and Brendan hadn’t arrived yet.
   “Hey Steven!” I exclaimed as I walked around the locksmith shop.
“Afternoon, Gabe,” Steven said, “come in the back, there is someone waiting for you.”
“Okay?...”  I replied, as I scratched my head as I entered the back room, as I entered a man in a suit with a golden tie stood their with his hands in his pocket,
“Hello, I am senior agent Mathias Bruhn, ” He greeted with a thick German accent, as he held his hand out.
“Hello, Mr. Bruhn I’m Gabe nice to meet yah,” I introduced myself as I Shook his hand.
“I’ve heard alot about you Gabriel, The Prodigy right?” Agent Bruhn asked, “who’s your partner?”
“Yes he is the prodigy, but… the three just started and haven’t visited the transfer room ju
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My digital world by GrimlockGabe My digital world :icongrimlockgabe:GrimlockGabe 0 6
DDU (aka Digimon digital uprising) take 2 PT.1
Chapter 1
I was walking down the road to school, I Noticed that it looked like it was going to rain. I kept walking until I came acrossed a locksmith shoppe, I don’t know why, but I felt compelled to enter the shop. I pushed the door open, as it swung open it rung a bell above it, notifying the shopkeeper that a customer entered the shop. At the counter stood an old man and he was wearing a large, round-brimmed hat with a ribbon on it. The ribbon had several symbols that I didn’t know.
“Hello and welcome to Chambers, and More…” he greeted happily.
“H-Hello,” I replied as I walked up, I read his name tag which read Steven, “uh… Steven, I’m Gabriel, but my friends call me Gabe.” I introduced, myself
“Ahh… Gabriel, a name of strength you have, I believe.” He thought aloud, as he stroked his chin, with a look of deep thought. After a minute of looking around I heard the sound of thunder and the sound of rai
:icongrimlockgabe:GrimlockGabe 0 0
Lady Andromon by GrimlockGabe Lady Andromon :icongrimlockgabe:GrimlockGabe 2 0 Exaltdramon final (seriously tho I'm done) by GrimlockGabe Exaltdramon final (seriously tho I'm done) :icongrimlockgabe:GrimlockGabe 7 0


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Exaltdramon final (seriously tho I'm done)
Meet my newest and final edition of Exaltdramon (seriously)

Due to him being of the virus typing he tends to be extremely aggressive, but due to his training with Gallantmon he is now able keep it in check.
He sometimes say this before a fight " there will be Blood spilled on this day"

Name: Exaltdramon
Attribute: Virus
Gender: Male
Family-Dragons roar
Metal empire
Virus buster
Weapon name: Dragon Buster

Attack 1: Blue star strike
Description: a blue ring of fire forms in his hand in the form of the crest of courage and the is thrown

Attack 2: Exalted Dragon Roar
Description: a golden aura envelops his entire Body and is released into the form of a dragon.

Attack 3: Vulcan Pike
Description: Exaltdramon slams his fist into the ground heating it into almost molten and forms it into a Pike. (only used If sword breaks)

Attack 4: Blast Incinerator
Description: a mane of white fire bursts out of it's back, and enveloping the arms increasing speed and attack, while dealing damage

FINAL:Golden Caliber Slash
Description:a golden energy envelopes Exaltdramon's sword growing to a enormous size and then comes crashing down on the opponent

Previous form:
Slide evolution:
Mode change:
Edit 1: slight torso change and pose change.
it's Luna's Personal Mech, which is a style of mech built to fight the Abyssal souls, known as a Nephalem frame, Powered by the white soul of a human, Apart of the Light-sworn Faction. the Nephalem Frame have a Combination Core which allows them to combine with other Nephalem Frames to become stronger, but it requires a large amount of Sol to successfully activate
*sol is the energy generated by the Light-sworn faction it is the very essence of a human being. it is most commonly known as Fighting Spirit.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Light-sworn- beings born in the light of day, their souls tend to be as white with black and grey spots because of our human tendency to sin, they Light-sworn are warriors, with a duty to protect humanity.

Abyssal Soul- those that have chose to become one with the darkness,(known as a fallen) thus tend to characterize with a Unforgivable sin (lust, Pride, envy, sloth, Wrath, Greed,) their bodies tend to be made of nothing but ink like substances. a human can become an Abyssal Soul, but depending on the Light of the soul makes causes the strength of the fallen to vary. A fallen also can vary in size and shape.

Half-Breeds- a Fallen whom has returned to the light, the person can access a Fallen mode, these fallen modes tend to resemble a Nephalem Frame, but has lost the ability of to activate the Combination matrix.


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I am I diabetic and a like to draw in my freetime


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